Simplify and Secure the Exchange of Data: New Opportunities to Streamline Data Sharing with Partners

Every minute of every day presents the opportunity for a security breach. Exposure is amplified as organizations are required to exchange sensitive information with partners across the globe, outside the enterprise, and with varying security policies and data security formats. This white paper explores how PKWARE solutions address the various challenges associated with exchanging sensitive data with partners.

The SecureZIP PartnerLink Solution eliminates both operational and economic obstacles. An organization becomes a sponsor of the security initiative, acquires a SecureZIP PartnerLink license and distributes the solution to partners at no cost.

The SecureZIP Solution supports ZIP and OpenPGP security formats to further remove barriers to data sharing among partners--without sacrificing control or security outside of the enterprise. This ability to consolidate to a single vendor with compression capabilities and support for multiple encryption formats, even across computing platforms, solves the data exchange challenge.


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