SecureZIP eBusiness Edition for z/OS is a direct replacement for McAfee E-Business Server.  With SecureZIP, you can use the same OpenPGP keys and keyrings you already use with E-Business Server.

McAfee recently announced its E-Business Server product will reach end-of-life in July 2014.  It will no longer be a supported product, nor will McAfee offer a replacement. 

With support for the same McAfee OpenPGP security format, you can minimize the cost of change, and eliminate any potential disruptions to customers.  In migrating to SecureZIP, you simply make the change in your data center - there is no impact to customers, partners, or encryption endpoints.

Migrate to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition:

  • - Avoid the risk/cost of using unsupported software
    - Improve CPU metrics and lower computing costs
    - Achieve a higher level of compliance

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    SecureZIP eBusiness Edition

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